More Cards for Humanity

Help us spread good news to the world by giving humanity a chance!

Let us know which card and we’ll be sure to send you random letters collected from different people who wish to change the world—just like you!

With every card purchased, you also have the chance to send your own letter, be published in our next batch of cards that will be sent out to another person who will do the same.

Each card is uniquely written and randomly selected to be sent to each one of you!

Who knows which letter will arrive in your mail?


Part of the proceeds will be used to fund the series of Young at Art events planned for 2018!

*Artworks featured were made by the children in Luneta Park during the recent Young at Art event last November 2017.

Cards are 25php each (100 php for a set of 5)
Exclusive of shipping fee

You can inquire about our cards here! 🙂

Ta da, ta da!

Sorry for the radio silence, but again, we’ve been busy with so many activities. We’ve had four major activities: the Art in the Park (aka Young At Art) story telling and mini-art workshop, which had a huge number of participants! The team takes its hat off to Joana Verdeflor–our awesome founder, with her team of storytellers and artists–Paula Czarina Potencia, Blew David, Marvic Therese Villoso, Melissa Basmayor, Joanna Rechelle Fungo, among a few in making this activity possible. This activity was held in Luneta Park, Manila, last November 25.

We’re sharing some snaps from that lovely November afternoon.

The artwork the children made was turned into card art! We all loved their work, and thought it was only right to feature their art in greeting cards that we sold at the Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX) event that was held in December 15. To promote this event, a promotional poster was produced by our very own Joana! 🙂

Cards for Humanity

Since not all of us could be there, Joana’s shared some of the event’s (best) memories. And speaking of best, we’ve sold all of the cards. Sold out. Now, isn’t that the best news ever?

We thank our lovely supporters Melissa Basmayor (who was also there at the BLTX event to promote and sell her zine) and Mayi Oropesa for dropping by our booth! 🙂

The year ended with two more activities: Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit is an outreach activity with Jhastine Silva of Jhastine’s Kitchen and Jeriemine Cruz. We thank those who have sent their donations, support and prayers. They are very much appreciated and cherished. As there are many of them, we are afraid of thanking them one by one, lest there would be individuals we forget to thank! May God bless you. 🙂

Ikaw Ang Aking Superhero is the last activity of the year, held in Luneta Park, on December 28, in partnership with National Parks Development Committee. We enjoyed working with the Committee, and we hope to work with them once more!

Ikaw ang Aking Superhero.jpg

We’re excited to see how 2018 unfolds for us! 🙂

Image credit: Joana Marie Verdeflor

Book review du jour: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice

In a rather roundabout manner, I came upon this book title from a book blog–the post was a fancast of this book–if ever it would become a movie. And why not? The plot is endearingly funny and you would want to be best friends with the characters. And this book is my favourite book at the moment.

In The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, we become acquainted with Penelope, her younger brother Inigo and their mother Talitha, Charlotte, Harry, and his mother Clare, and finally, Marina, Harry’s ex-girlfriend.  Penelope meets Charlotte in a very unusual manner, and before she knows it, she becomes best friends with her, and gets acquainted with Harry, Charlotte’s cousin, who convinces her to attend a party with him and Charlotte to make Marina jealous.  Hanging out with Harry and Charlotte brought Penelope into a different world that changed her.

Reading this book took me to a different world. Set in 1950s England, the country was still recovering from the effects of the Second World War. Everyone, including Penelope, her family and friends still had to make do with limited resources , as rationing was still on. The 1950s was also a lively time for music, as it was the decade of the birth of rock and roll. Elvis Presley, however, was yet an unknown at that time!

What I loved about this book was that it did not just take me into another era, it gave me a new set of friends–albeit fictional

I give this book five stars. 🙂


Image source

Just moved in!

Anyone who has moved houses knows the feeling of being excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for the new possibilities and adventures, and nervous at the same time because of what lies ahead! And that’s exactly how we feel! If you’ve followed us before, you would know that our little home used to be found in Tumblr. But we decided to try a new environment that help us reach out to you more.

If you’re new to this blog, The Friday Book Club is a young organisation started by Joana, a pharmacist based in the Bicol region in the Philippines (it’s really an awesome place, and you should all check it out). She believes that every child should have equal and convenient access to education.

The Club is working hard to awaken this sense of passion in our generation–because our generation is the future, and we aspire that our passion will ignite a spark of purpose to the young minds we hope to help.

It is the Club’s mission to promote that there is a vast pool of knowledge yet to be acknowledged, desired, and even challenged, and our vision to provide building blocks for these minds where people encourage other people to “read it forward”.

Hoping you join us in our new adventures!

Joana, Lea, Karen, Trisha and Layla.


Image credit: Joana Marie Verdeflor

Read: The ABCs of Journaling by Abbey Sy

The ABCs of Journaling

Abbey Sy

Hardbound, 121 pages, with full colour illustrations and photographs

Published by Summit Books

I have been following Abbey Sy’s work ever since I attended the Type Lab event last year. She is phenomenal–there’s her website to prove it! One look at her book–The ABCs of Hand Lettering–and it was typography love at first sight for me, and also the start of my somewhat muted journey into learning about calligraphy and typography.

Back then, before law school happened, I loved to pour out my innermost thoughts, and put them on paper. They were pretty much emo-laden thoughts (not exactly proud of that haha)–and although I cringe about what I have written back then, I pretty much enjoyed making it look pretty all the same.

The release of Abbey’s new book, The ABCs of Journaling brought me back to those days. I relished every stroke of the pen while I write my thoughts about something. It was heartbreaking because these journals met their demise through an overturned glass of water. And because they were unsalvageable, they were all eaten up by flames–lickety split. Continue reading

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